The Four River's Foundation was formed in 2010 by a 1973 Fulton Independent School graduate and his wife, Robbie and Lisa Rudolph of Rudolph's, Inc., to serve the four school districts of Fulton Independent, Fulton County, Hickman County, and Carlisle County as well as the Fulton County Technology Center. In 2014, the Mayfield/Graves County ATC was added to the foundation and in 2016, Ballard County Schools and Career and Technical Center was voted in by the board to join the foundation.

In 2018, the Fulton County Area Technical Center was expanded and renamed the Four Rivers Career Academy through a Kentucky Department of Education New Skills for Youth grant and partnership wit the 4RF. Using funds from a Work Ready Skills Initiative grant, the technical center was completely upgraded and now offers programs from middle school to adults. Murray State University has a satellite campus, the MSU Thoroughbred Academy, in the FRCA. The FRCA partners with the foundation to provide meeting rooms, office space, and a training center for the 4RF and its partner schools, technical centers and colleges. The FRCA offers programs in IT, Health Sciences, Business Applications, Welding, and Automotive as well as classes in CPR/AED, EMT, Fork Lift, and Flagger Training.

Partnering with two colleges, Murray State University and West Kentucky Community and Technical College, the foundation has worked with the five school districts, the two colleges, the school boards, the technology centers, area businesses and community supporters to guarantee an opportunity for success for all students in the five school districts. The motto of the foundation is "what's best for kids" and directs the foundation's programs and purpose.

We want to create a culture that removes financial and other barriers and creates a 'charter school like' environment where every student can be successful.