Robbie & Lisa Rudolph


Dianne Owen


Robbie Rudolph

Robbie Rudolph, a 1973 Fulton Independent Schools graduate, formed Four Rivers Foundation with his wife Lisa in 2010 to guarantee an opportunity for success for all students in Ballard County, Carlisle County, Fulton County, Fulton Independent, Hickman, County, the Mayfield / Graves County ATC and the Four Rivers Career Academy. Robbie and Lisa are owners of Rudolph’s Inc. Through partnerships with Murray State University, West Kentucky Community and Technical College, area businesses and community supporters, Rudolph strives to create a culture that removes financial and other barriers to create an environment where every student can be successful. Lisa Rudolph is vice chair of the Murray State University Board of Regents.

Shown here receiving the 2018 KSBA Joseph W. Kelly Award from Commissioner Dr. Wayne Lewis and KBE Board Chair Hal Heiner. “Robbie has spent close to a decade expanding college and career opportunities for the 3,200 students Four Rivers Foundation serves,” Commissioner of Education Wayne Lewis said. “We are grateful for his advocacy and confident that the culture of success he has fostered will continue to grow in decades to come.”

Rudolph continues his advocacy by partnering with the technical centers, West Kentucky Work Ready Skills Initiative and the New Skills for Youth Cohort II to expand dual credit offerings and create pipelines from the centers through the technical colleges to the workplace. “Robbie continues to demonstrate a long-term commitment to making a difference in the lives of all Kentuckians,” Lewis said. “His dedication of time, resources and talent is truly deserving of the high recognition the Joseph Kelly Award bestows.”


These educators, school personnel and community leaders have volunteered their time and expertise to be 4RF program directors assisting the foundation director in implementing specific foundation programs.

Terry Sullivan

Principal, 4R Career Academy
4RF CTE Program

Ellen Murphy

Principal, Fulton County HS
4RF ACT Prep Program

Sondra Gibbs

Principal, Fulton County Elementary
4RF Reading Project

Danny Carr

SRO, Hickman County Schools
4RF FCA Program

Tessa Ferguson

Board Secretary, Hickman Co.
4RF Rudolph's Readers


These principals and counselors have volunteered to be the 4RF school contacts for their school or technical center. They work with foundation director, Dianne Owen and Robbie and Lisa Rudolph to ensure that the the dual credit academies, technical centers, and foundation programs have the resources and support to meet the needs of the students they serve

Terry Sullivan

Principal, Four Rivers Career Academy

Leslee Davis

Principal, Ballard Memorial High School

Jennifer Sullivan

CTC Director, Ballard Memorial High School

Angel Thompson

Guidance Counselor,
Carlisle County High School

Ellen Murphy

Principal, Fulton County High School

Nathan Castleman

Director of Student Services,
Fulton Independent School

Amy Boaz

Guidance Counselor,
Hickman County Schools

Crystal Russell

Guidance Counselor Assistant,
Hickman County Schools

Mike Miller

Principal, Mayfield/Graves County Area Technical Center


The Four Rivers Foundation is overseen by a team of directors made up of men and women who are former graduates of the five school districts and are striving to make a difference in the lives of the river county students. The team meets annually in July or August and provides oversight to the foundation.

Jeff Campbell


Brenda McBride Mahan


Josh Bailey


Jay Simmons


Todd Cooper


Marty Nichols


David Gallagher


Christie Fahl Rodgers


Kenny Wilson